Most Staffing Companies see both the employer and employee as a statistical number on a spread sheet.  Which for them is as great way to do business, as they do so much volume, in both employees and employers service is not a consideration.

However WSS is different, very different, we try our best to discover what hidden or forgotten talents you have and incorporate them into our database of available personnel.

We believe that if you are an employer who needs a person on the order desk, you may find it helpful to have a data entry person, and file clerk and manager in the same person.

By working together we can achieve a great prospective employee for the employer.

J. Edwards


Bland and uninteresting, it just sits there with not much expected of it, and it will be going nowhere.  That is how most Temporary Labor agencies see their client employees.

They do not care if you are talented, or bright or capable of many things, their only reference to you is "What was your last job ?".

Whatever it was that is where they see you from now until forever.


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