When interviewing for a job with any employer, dress in a manner that reflects the job you are seeking.

Wearing torn shorts and flip flops may not be appropriate for an office environment.

Also wearing tight fitting skirts and low cut blouses, will not get the job you may be looking for.

However a more conservative attire may be just the ticket to get that great job.

For men and women , if you are looking for a warehouse job, jeans and a shirt with a collar will go a long way to tell the prospective employer that you are serious about getting a good job.

For anyone seeking a job in sales, any kind of sales, being well dressed and groomed is essential, after all you will represent the employer to their clients and that first impression is so important.

So before, you leave the house, look in the mirror and ask yourself,

"Would I hire this person ?"  Take a careful look, correct anything that you find that is in need of sprucing up.


Unless you are looking for a General Labor position in Construction, you should make an effort to provide to our office a Resume.  It will tell us several things about you, including how serious you are about looking for a good job. 

More over it will give us an opportunity to pre-screen employers, before sending you out on that all important first interview.

All Resumes should include your name, address, contact phone number, and the last employers (by date) that you have had, as well as your jobs and skills acquired to preform the jobs.

It should include your goals, and the type of job you are interested in.


Every hour of training you acquire, is money in the bank that you will be able to draw on as you move up with any company. Community College is one of the best ways to enhance your skill set, it is thorough and inexpensive.


Whether it is learning 10-key data processing or enhancing your "Business" computer skills, with Word, Excel, Quick Books or any other software commonly used in business will give you a leg up, on the competition down the road.

If you have the determination to learn to code (computer) that is a skill that is going to be in demand well into the future, but; you must keep in mind that it is a growing field and will require continuing education for the rest of your working life in that field.

While some people are adept at creating video games and earn huge sums of money, they are like Pro Basket Ball Players, there are very few Labron James or Michael Jordans in this world who make millions.


These are difficult times and they offer challenges as well as opportunities. 

Buying new clothes is both time consuming and expensive, however; taking advantage of the thrift stores (Salvation Army, Good Will, Chocs etc) can provide a fantastic source of clean clothing in good to excellent condition.

From suits to designer dresses these outlets have a wide variety of clothing to meet every need.

Often these are clothes from people who have either gained or lost weight or simply want to change their wardrobe. 

If you take the clothes to a cleaners and have them cleaned, starched and pressed, they will be like new.


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